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The tower is a dream and we need dreams.
The tower is a desire and we need desires.
The tower creates a link between earth and sky and it’s visibility  from a distance is one of its characteristic elements.
Of all other buildings, towers are the ones which are most linked to artificiality but at the same time are a reminder of nature with its rocky peaks, its trees, its crystline shapes and this inevitably reminds us of the human figure.
The strong symbolic character goes back to “memory”,  and goes beyond funcional causes. Erecting a tower provokes desire and remembrance.
Thinking about a tower means designing it with the sky as a backdrop, or design sheet,  given that a tower liberates itself from the city and from the scenary to gain its position as a high observation point and emerging location which is clearly visible from a distance.

2008 - City Tower - Incheon (korea) 

(with Pierluigi Pedicelli)

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